Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to tell if your son is Puerto Rican

When you go to Google and type "How to tell if your dog is", the first two choices that pop up are "pregnant" and "Puerto Rican". After ascertaining the possibility of my dog, Jewel, being pregnant after the butt-ugly dog debacle (a whole other story), I, of course, went back to see if my dog was Puerto Rican.

This is what I found...

And, of course, I shared all the above information with my family...

Mom: OMG, is Jewel Puerto Rican???

Me: I'm afraid so. That's exactly how she dances. And she barks with a Spanish accent.

College Man: I'm Puerto Rican too!!

Me: We'll need video confirmation.

College Man: That can be done. I have a sombrero.

Me: ¡Ay caramba!

(One week later)

How To Tell If Your Son Is Puerto Rican...

That is NOT my kitchen, by the way. (No offense, College Man).