Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kokopelli Color Inlay How-to

We got an awesome surprise in the mail yesterday. A couple of relatives sent along a little moolah to help cover what I owe for materials on Mom's wheelchair ramp.

I was digging around for some thank you notes and was like "Let's make some cool little thing to send with it!" We've been cutting scraps from the bookshelf build into neat things and this particular cousin likes Kokopelli so, of course, every time we see a kokopelli thing, we buy it and give it to her so she probably hates kokopelli now, but hey! here's another one.

The above tchotchke is what we came up with. Cousin, if you're reading this... uuuh, surprise! I'm putting it in the mail tonight.

Here's how we made it...

I marked a funky little spear-end on a cedar scrap, Johnny cut it and made a nice flat bottom for it to sit on.

I sketched a little Kokopelli

Hollowed him out a little with a dremil tool.
Sanded off the pencil marks and smoothed the rest of the piece
with a rough grit sandpaper, then a fine grit sandpaper.
Rubbed it down with tung oil to bring out the woodgrain and
make it shine a bit.

Outlined the inside edge with black craft paint.
Also painted the inside white so the color paints would be nice and bright.

Pardon me while I whip out my handy dandy metallic craft paint.

Painted him fairly randomly with metallic blue, green, purple, and copper craft paint.

Squeezed some two-part epoxy into a coke lid and mixed it with a toothpick.

Cut the point off of another toothpick so I could scoop up the epoxy and
drip it into the cut-out, right on top of the paint.

You can see the lights shining on the epoxy here.
Let it cure overnight and Shazam! awesome little color inlay Kokopelli tchotchke!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Drawing, woman on a city street

One of my drawings
Pencil on Paper

The original sold to my college band director many years ago. He bought it for his sister; he said it seemed like her. I wonder, sometimes, if she still has it.