Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clay pot bird houses on vintage-look sign

My husband, Johnny, built this awesome bird house for me. He always wants to put a nice, thick coat of paint on everything and get it looking as new as possible. I convinced him to give it to me "raw" so I could do a little vintage whapah! on it. It's hard to tell if he actually likes things looking old and weathered when I'm done with them or if he's just going along for the sake of peace.

  • The back is 1x12 pine, cut two feet long at the high point.
  • The roof tops are 1x8 pine.
  • He used a masonry bit to cut the hole in the bottoms of the clay pots.
  • A circle of wood was cut to fit inside the large opening of the pot.
  • Holes were drilled into the side of the pot to fasten it to the wood circle with screws and washers.
  • Four screws come through the back of the sign board into the wooden circle to hold the clay pots to the board.
Here is a blow-out sketch that might help...

The wooden circle sits just inside the clay pot. The washers and screws go into the drilled holes in the side of the pot, and into the wooden circle to hold it in. More screws come in from the back to hold the wooden circle to the back board.

I drew the screws too big; make sure yours are just the right length to go through the back board into the wooden circle but not so long that they go all the way inside the bird house and poke the poor bird to death.

I painted the back board with watered down craft paint so plenty of wood grain would show through. I free-handed the logo but I've seen pretty awesome ones done with those vinyl stencil printer-cutter things (I don't have one and don't even know what they're called). Then I roughed it all up with a sanding block. I'm going to attach it right onto the outside of the house in a little niche near the front porch.

Aged it a little more with some oak polystain. Wish I had kept the polystain off the pots though; they looked better before. This would be the "don't do the stupid thing I did" portion. Get your backboard looking just the way you want it before you attach the pots. This was an afterthought for me though and I accidentally got stain onto the pots and then was like "Screw it" and covered the pots too. Now they're too shiny.

(But I still like it)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Finger Crack Friday

I used to have a blog called Finger Crack Friday. It only had three posts...

We're about to say farewell to the dilapidated trampoline. I made this little video for the kids...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Homemade Gatorade Mix

This is a recipe I originally published on my old blog Texas Tootbloom. The homemade gatorade (homerade!!) entry had lots of hits every week. I was with my mom when she bought a tub of gatorade powder mix this week and that stuff's not cheap. So here's the recipe again.

My kids and I had taste-tested all the experiment stages until we came up with this winner:

1 pkg. unsweetened Kool-ade mix
2 quarts water
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt substitute (for the potassium)

Most homemade gatorade recipes that I see online just say "salt" but the potassium in the salt substitute is important to get the electrolytes benefit that a sports drink provides.

We like the lime kool-ade with this mix but the grape was blech. Haven't tried it fruit punch style yet. And the lime comes out that awesome radioactive green. We've also doubled the recipe and used one packet lime and one packet lemon.

I've also seen a lot of recipes call for 1/2 cup of orange juice. They say it's for the citric acid but the kool-aid mix already has the citric acid. So we throw our gatorade together just like you see it above and it's just right.

Grams is sugar in 8 oz.:
Gatorade - 13.6
Homerade - 12.5

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